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SMPEarth: Unleash your exploration spirit across diverse Minecraft earth servers, igniting boundless adventures!

SMPEarth Official

Created: November 23, 2019

Members: 8755

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Introducing SMPEarth: Witness the revival of a Minecraft legend! Originally an exclusive private server for content creators and streamers, SMPEarth now welcomes all on Java Edition. With over 8000 members and two Towny servers – Casual Towny and Siege Towny – our mission is to forge the most advanced Earth experience in Minecraft.

Join our bustling Discord community and forge connections with fellow players. Engage in vibrant voice chats, expand your nation through advertisement channels, and stay updated on staff updates. Keep an eye out for exclusive teasers of upcoming projects in our public channels! Share your suggestions via our handy suggester bots, and reach out to our staff team for support using the SMPEarth Modmail bot.

Are you a community builder, yearning for peaceful growth? Look no further than Casual Towny. Cultivate friendships, enjoy worry-free hangouts with friends, and focus on becoming prosperous by taking up jobs or selling items. But beware, though your nation will remain immune to wars, neglecting town and nation taxes can bring ruin!

For those craving a thrilling geopolitical experience with PvP and Siege War, embrace the realm of Siege Towny. Conquer the world through strategic warfare, harnessing the power of conflict to shape the map and secure dominance.

Are you seeking the ultimate PvP challenge? Venture into the Gladiator server and test your skills in various modes, including Gladiator battles, intense pot PvP, and nostalgic 1.8 PvP encounters. Satisfy your competitive spirit without risking your town or nation’s demise.

Join SMPEarth today and become a part of this legendary community. Embark on a journey unlike any other, where nations rise and fall, alliances are forged and shattered, and your actions shape the destiny of this immersive Earth map Minecraft server. Unleash your creativity, conquer lands, and build epic tales that will echo throughout SMPEarth’s storied history. The world is yours to shape – are you ready to leave your mark?

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