Smurfs’ Society

The community forum for The Smurfs' Society. Engage with members, solve riddles, and earn rewards to save the Smurfs.

Created: June 08, 2022

Members: 18321

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The Smurfs’ Society is a pioneering Web3 community that combines a trusted global brand with blockchain technology to create the most immersive NFT experience yet. We’re gamifying community engagement and rewarding collective intelligence to demonstrate the tangible value of Web3 communities.

NFTs are the perfect technology to build, engage, and align digital communities. Our ambitious project sets out to be the first NFT collection to truly merge collective and individual interests by creating an inclusive community with exclusive rewards.

The Smurfs’ Society is the only PFP project backed by the official Smurfs brand. And what better character is there to demonstrate the power of collaboration? Leveraging this iconic and genuine brand, we have the opportunity to build the most positive, inclusive, and impactful online community ever.

Welcome to the first-ever Proof of Collab project. Now, let’s have some fun while we build something for good!

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