Social Haven

This server is all about socialising with others online and a place where everyone can meet up and meet one another.

Social Haven

Created: October 13, 2022

Members: 1249

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Hello! Welcome to Social Haven! A server I created for my community to stay in touch with each other and socialise with others. Think of my server as a massive group chat where everyone contributes something to it in their own way!

At Social Haven we provide:
– Unique Emojis
– 1000+ Member Community
– Active Members and 24hr Chat
– Understanding Staff Members if you have any queries what so ever
– Partnerships (But we have requirements for that,
Join the server for more info by clicking on the
partner request ticket system)
– Role Specific Channels & Self Roles
– Relaxed/Welcoming Community
– Economy

Those are the main offers we provide for our server to you free members out there that wish to join us already and be a part of this community! Don’t forget to suggest improvements for the server through using the ticket system and I would be happy to listen to people that have unique and strong ideas for the servers growth and designs. What are you waiting for? Come on in!

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