SoD: Project Edge

We are an emulator-based server who is reviving School of Dragons, a now-sunsetted game by Dreamworks.

SoD: Project Edge

Created: June 15, 2023

Members: 6694

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School of Dragons was a beloved childhood game to everyone that ever played it that ran it’s course for 10 years. It is a game in the HTTYD franchise that allows you to ride dragons from the franchise. You could quest, feed your dragons, hatch dragons, play minigames, as well as buy things from their premium shop and more. However, On June 30th, 2023, the game was announced to be sunsetting/shutting down from Jumpstart Servers. We, alongside a few communities, took it upon ourselves to revive the community associated with School Of Dragons, and we are passionate about bringing not just SoD players back together, but HTTYD franchise lovers in general as well!

So what do you say, Dragon Rider? Are you ready to take back to the skies and find your friends once again?

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