Solar Realms [1.8-1.20]

Official discord server of the SolarGN minecraft server!

Solar Realms [1.8-1.20]

Created: October 25, 2021

Members: 1389

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This server is about a Minecraft Server called SolarGN, a Minecraft Generator server that wants to bring the best Generator Server experience to all our players, a generator server like ours is a simulation genre where you place your gens down on a plot of land and you sell their drops, hence making money and being able to buy more gens and upgrade them as you go along.

We have a multitude of features that our server provides all of our players, such as mining to get tokens and have a chance to fight goblins and bosses and kill them for rewards, fishing to have a chance of getting some cool rewards and so forth.

We also have an active and friendly staff team that can help support you with any issues or inquiries that you may have on our server, we frequently host events every so often to give the players a chance to participate and win rewards as well, along with hosting giveaways every so often too.

If you’re interested in a generator server that is basic and simple, but yet fun to play and have the ability to be enjoyable, then we may be the Generator server for you. Come join now to be part of our community and our wonderful journey!

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