Square Network is a development organization that owns few successful projects like SquareMC and Redstone PVP


Created: March 24, 2020

Members: 2869

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Square Network is owned by XpAbdullah, Shehab, Diveer, and Yxng. The server main idea is to implement Redstone PVP in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The game mode is very famous and known among Minecraft: Java Edition servers but it was never added or seen in any Minecraft: Bedrock Edition servers which is how we came up with the idea and decided to work on it and make it happen. The server main language is English and Arabic since most of our players are Arabs but we do have English speakers and we provide English support. We are working on making our server better in Minecraft and on Discord by adding more features in both and making the server completely fair to play while providing our members an easy way to communicate between discord and in-game and giving our staff many ways to moderate without any hustle. We provide a SFW and non toxic community for everyone.

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