ST7D PvE Community

ST7D 7 Days to Die Community Discord. Over 40,000 server connects and 2000+ Discord members, come see what we are about.

ST7D PvE Community

Created: August 12, 2016

Members: 2354

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All new members are welcome in the ST7D Community. We strive ourselves on being a family friend atmosphere, with an active staff roster and a friendly, welcoming community. ST7D Discord serves as a home for the ST7D 7 Days to Die (PC) servers. We offer a wide variety of servers of all difficulties to offer a broad range of playstyles. All of our servers use server side mods meaning no downloading is necessary, just join and play! All servers have well over 100 Mods to really change up the vanilla feel of the game, bringing new life into a years old game for you to enjoy. Stop by and check us out!

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