Steak’s Grill

Steaks official server of mayhem!!

Steak’s Grill

Created: August 17, 2021

Members: 6161

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This server is all about YouTube, Gaming and having fun! We show equality to everyone no matter where you’re from or what your hobbies are! The server is maintained by top notch security 24/7 to make sure no personal information could be sent that a user may regret sending in the future! We have one of a kind members who are always on and who you can have a laugh with. The owner of this server has over 300k subscribers across all platforms! He is on all the time and is always wanting to talk to the new member! Our moderators are highly trained and professional and will always have their DM’S open to talk! We have one of the nicest communities on the platform and will treat everyone with respect and dignity. We really hope you’ll join us! You will have the time of your life!!

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