Welcome to the community server for fans of the St. Louis Blues NHL team!

Created: June 08, 2016

Members: 1324

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This server is all about enjoying a good night of Blues hockey with like-minded fans that share the same passion for St. Louis sports. We’ve got spaces to discuss live games as they happen as well as places to discuss league-wide trades and upcoming draft prospects. Of course, Fantasy leagues aren’t missing: We have leagues running for advanced managers and beginners, as well as for various other sports. Speaking of other sports: naturally, there are also lots of Cardinals fans among us!

In addition, there is plenty of space for all the non-hockey related hobbies and passions: We have channels for concerts and music in general, there are discussions about the latest TV series and episodes, people talk about the progress of the video game they’re currently playing or share pictures of their pets and latest cooking adventures.

If you’re a long-standing hockey fan or new to the hobby: come join us – you’ll fit right in!

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