StrayaGaming is one of the largest Arma 3 communities in Oceania, supporting multiple servers and games since 2013.


Created: February 21, 2017

Members: 7278

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Welcome to StrayaGaming Community Group. Our community was founded by our proud hard working group of determined individuals wanting to start a community based Altis life server. During our adventures in the world of gaming we’ve made met some amazing players who now make Strayagaming what it is today.

Since then we expanded to become a successful and vibrant community that has both Australia and New Zealand players that strive to conquer various game titles, while maintaining a close and active community. We are a mature and friendly Community that believe that players should be able to play in a clean, cheat free environment, and where they can feel part of an ever growing community. We also ensure that the play experience is as clean, hack free, and lag-free as possible.

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