SuperM: Golden Age✨

SuperMcord is the one-stop-jop for all things SuperM! Chat with other Supporters, access resources, schedules and more!

SuperM: Golden Age✨

Created: August 07, 2019

Members: 4897

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Welcome to the Discord server for SM Entertainment and Capitol Records’ collaborative project super-group known as SuperM!

Our server aims to provide a safe and comfortable community space for fans to jop with other fans, gain access to tons of great resources for keeping up with the group and its’ members activities outside of SuperM, and much more!

We have several channels such as news, media, schedule etc to stay up to date on the recent updates/released contents, upcoming activities and so on. With specific roles such as group roles, you’ll only be notified about the news and content that you are interested in.

For those that wish to connect with other fans, we have several discussion channels and a forum specifically for off-topic conversations. There are also events such as listening & watch parties and game nights organised on the regular too, if you want to have some fun with fellow members.

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