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Created: June 24, 2022

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TIERVERSE is a competitive and profitable experience in the metaverse with games developed by Tier99 or by third companies. We apply transversal NFT to increase the utility, versatibility and value of all of them at the different games of the catalogue.

TIER99 Games – Building an ecosystem of competitive and interoperable tournament-based games, focusing on the play-to-earn (P2E), free-to-play (F2P) and play-and-earn (P&E). Developing own games and integrating third companies games into the Tiervese!, bringing them to eSports world!, and more to come.

At TIERGames we develop NFT video games in a solid, reliable and sustainable ecosystem with T-NFT in our metaverse.

Take advantage of it, play, challenge, compete and win $BUSD.

Whatever your player profile, we have rewards waiting for you.

Enter the competition. All our games have different modes to maximize your fun and reward: Leagues, Battles, Tournaments, Battlegrounds, Battle Royale, etc.

Compete against other players or challenge a friend to be the best!

TIER99 Finance:

Empowering StableCoin holders to utilize Tierverse products, mechanics and services to access sustanciable earnings in a solid ecosystem.


We improve the utility and versatility of traditional NFTs with our Transversal NFTs (T-NFTs). They are the most wanted items in the Tierverse, and they can be used in all the games catalogue transversally.

The first thing you should know is that the neuralgic point and differential factor between our metaverse and the rest are the Orbs and our transverse T-NFTs.

The lands in our ecosystem do not respond to the typical model in which you buy one to put NFT and they are linked to a particular game.

A Tierverse Earth has an evolved concept, in that they are tied to your account and NOT to a specific game. They provide certain features and bonuses to your account, which you can use in the different video games in the catalog by building different builds for each one with the same “Earth”. And this, are the Orbs.

Also, you will not need to buy an additional NFT, but you will already have enough to start your adventure.

Our T-NFTs are categorized with different rarities, roles, attributes and levels for the different types of video games.

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