We make story-driven, roleplay focused D&D and tabletop (TTRPG) actual plays on Twitch, YouTube, and in podcast form!


Created: January 01, 2017

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Binge-worthy tabletop actual plays. Dungeons & Dragons, Cypher Systems, Free League, homebrew & more.

Current Schedule:

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Monday 4:00 PM EST – (Sci-Fi, Scum & Villainy)
In the year 3073, the Sol System is a very different place, but a lot of things remain the same. We are vastly out of our depth, people will do whatever they can for a credit, and we are still trying to stay alive…

Tuesday 4:00 PM EST – (Dark Fantasy, Otherworld of Din)
The lush otherworld of Din is desiccated to desert after an heir uses debt magic to relieve a kingdom-wide drought. After the King is assassinated, two brothers and their wards flee from the uprising that follows. Kingmakers is an improvised tale of power and purpose, pain and perseverance- and the legacy of legends.

Wednesday 4:00 PM EST – (Fantasy, D&D5e)
A Godking strangles the use of the Arcane in an ever expanding crusade in this homebrew world sculpted by volatile magic and cosmic mystery.

Saturday 4:00 PM EST – (Horror, Vampire the Masquerade)
A mature Vampire The Masquerade game, spanning three seasons and showcasing stories of the vampires across the city of Manchester, England.

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