Teegstah’s Terrain

Welcome to Teegstah's Terrain! Where the Twitch community hang out for movie nights, hangouts, community games and more!

Teegstah's Terrain

Created: March 29, 2020

Members: 1117

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This server is set up as a place to interact with Teegstah and the Jankstah’s community further.

Teegstah streams on Twitch and sometimes you’d like to share parts of your life with the community – pet pics, art, photography, memes or just hang out. Everyone is welcome!

We host a wide array of events in the Discord. From movies, to community games and even Discord streams. You do not need to be on voice – these events are accessible for those who wish to be muted and those who wish to use voice.

Within this community, we strive to protect our space and make everyone feel heard. We pride ourselves on interactivity and are always looking to improve ourselves.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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