TES seeks to become the first choice for excellent people, who want to contribute to the strength of a Community!


Created: February 14, 2018

Members: 1358

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Our Mission

TES seeks to become the first choice for exceptional people, who contribute to the strength of the community and enhance our ability to achieve our vision of an expansive online community in ESO. TES will accomplish this goal by creating an active, relevant society of gamers and providing a platform to carry out that goal via Discord.

As members of TES, we are generous to one another, and support numerous events and view points and members of our community in all we do. We invest in ourselves, one another and our future as a community of online gaming fanatics.


Integrity, honesty, compassion, trust and above all community are important. Knowing the difference between right and wrong.

IRL Family First
Have Fun
Think Globally
Learn & Grow
Embrace Your Inner Geek
Lead with Instinct
Play Fair if they are
Every Voice Matters

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