Welcome to the official discord for TETR.IO, the modern stacker game with over five million players worldwide!


Created: February 01, 2020

Members: 33785

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The official TETR.IO Discord is the home of all things TETR.IO, the webgame with over eight million players from all around the globe. No matter whether you’re a rookie or a stacking god, the TETR.IO Discord is your gateway to a vibrant and larger than you think community of enthusiastic stacker game players!
Aside from spending time with like-minded players and making new friends, you can also help improve the game by reporting any bugs you find, or suggesting new features to be added to the game!
Or, feel free to lurk, keeping the server in your list to be the very first to hear about any updates to the game. We won’t judge!
See you there!

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