TF2 Coaching Central (TF2CC)

TF2CC is for new players that are looking to learn the ways of competitive TF2.

TF2 Coaching Central (TF2CC)

Created: June 30, 2020

Members: 4590

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We are a TF2 Coaching and Pick-up Game (PUG) server. Our main focus is providing information, guides, and resources to newer TF2 players that want to grow as a competitive player.

Our PUGs are for RGL Newcomer – low Intermediate players or the equivalent in other leagues. We mainly run 6s PUGs, but we may occasionally run HL or PL PUGs.

We also host TF2 events! Some events that we host are Newbie 6s Cups and some wacky gamemode things, like Boxing, Dodgeball, Sniper vs Sniper, Arena, etc.

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