[TFG] Squad

TFG ( The Friendly Gamers ) is a community which began in 2015. The games we play: Squad, R6S, BF 1 & V and many more.

[TFG] Squad

Created: June 30, 2020

Members: 1950

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We are a very friendly group of gamers from Iraq. We like to get to know as many gamers from all around the world as possible. Everyone is welcome to join. We manly speak Arabic, but we speak English as well, so no worries ,). As we mentioned above, we play manly shooters. A huge focus is on a game called Squad, but we play other games like R6S, PUBG, Battlefield 1 and V as well as the games that come out. Feel free to join and talk to us if you like to or just interested to meet Iraqis.

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