The 8th Life Regiment

The 8thLR is a Prussian themed Holdfast Nations at War clan. Join a steadfast community of gamers from around the world!

The 8th Life Regiment

Created: June 25, 2018

Members: 2019

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The 8th Life Community

• 4 Years of experience!
• Balanced schedule of 4 NA and 4 EU Holdfast Events throughout the week
• We are a casual regiment, so that means no mandatory attendance requirements!
• Our officers have experience in both the weekly, public, and competitive linebattle scene. We are always looking for new talent for our officer and enlisted staff!
• As a community, we branch out and create companies in other games such as Battle Cry of Freedom and Arma 3
• A lot of medals to earn! ️
• We attend naval events ⛵! We have our own naval Cossack detachment!
• Join a group of gamers from across the world
• Active, friendly community!

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