The Beacon

A F2P action rogue-lite RPG, in development. Venture into dungeons, defeat evils & expand the Beacon's protective light!

The Beacon

Created: March 10, 2022

Members: 43632

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Watch the development in real time of a fantasy action rogue-lite RPG – The Beacon.

Catch sneak peeks and early gameplay footage before anyone else. Early supporters will also receive exclusive in-game cosmetics for their game character.

Members join as citizens of the city-state called Altaris, home of a giant glowing monolith called the Beacon. The Beacon’s shields the city from evil forces, but it unfortunately is waning. Citizens must venture to faraway dangerous lands to help secure the supplies necessary to maintain the Beacon and the wellbeing of Altaris.

Will you answer the call to adventure and serve? !

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