The Choco Bar

A nice, cosy server dedicated to making new friends and talking about your interests and issues when you need to!

The Choco Bar

Created: November 09, 2020

Members: 8876

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Welcome to The Choco Bar, the home that accepts all, fellow friend! We hope you’re well!

Are you simply looking for friends to stay up and have fun with, or are you looking for topics from video games to fashion and art to discuss with others? Maybe you are simply wishing to discuss issues that you just feel like you can’t tell anywhere else? Well you came to the right place!

We have topic channels dedicated to your interests, channels about letting you express your emotions and pain freely without being judged, and most importantly, a place where you can make friends and allow your voice to be heard out!

We are here to be your friend, to accept you, to let you mess around sometimes and to let you be serious when you need to be serious. We will not judge you for whatever you may have or be going through. We will support you and we will care for you. Because we are all friends here, and we mean that when we say it. Don’t be scared to just join and check out!

Safe travels, friend! Good luck on your journey if you choose to not be here, and please, take care!

P.S: For the love of god, this is NOT a dating server.

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