The Cobalt Athenaeum

The Cobalt Athenaeum is a Witchcraft & Spirituality information database server network!

The Cobalt Athenaeum

Created: September 23, 2021

Members: 3288

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Welcome to The Cobalt Athenaeum!
We are a witchcraft and spirituality information database server filled to the brim with spells, information on magical practices, deities, astrology, divination, and MUCH MORE.
We accept practitioners of all ages and stages. Join our grimoire server network and have all the witchy information you need at your fingertips. We add new information all the time so there is always something new to discover and learn,
We offer FREE access to information on spirituality, witchcraft, the occult, as well as a lively and bustling community of other magical practitioners. We even have a place to give and receive psychic readings with other members of the community.
This is a server you need to be a part of.
Come learn and grow with us!

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