The Covers Club

The Covers Club is the best Sports Betting Community online! Jump in the Discord to join the Club and cash with us!

The Covers Club

Created: September 03, 2022

Members: 1029

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We created The Covers Club to allow sports bettors and sports fans to connect, cheer together, and win together. The Covers Club has grown to thousands of members who get daily free plays, bounce bets off each other, and make money long-term as a family.

The Covers Club is led by Las Vegas-based professional sports bettors who have a highly successful tracked record, winning over 400 units in the past year. Joining the Club gives you access to free plays, weekly giveaways, and member bets to post your action and see what others are betting.

The Club also includes the Pro Channel, which gives Pro Members the chance to win monthly $5,000 giveaways with free trips to Las Vegas for a dream weekend. Pro Members get full access to professional coaching and successful betting systems with daily tracked records. Join the Pros, quickly win back your investment, and learn what it’s like to build your bankroll over the long term!

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