The Flying Squad

All in one place for FPV Drone and RC enthusiasts in India. Get started, connect with the community & share your stories

The Flying Squad

Created: August 08, 2021

Members: 1012

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This server is started by Sharanya Giri, AKA- Mr Shagi, an RC enthusiast and YouTube content creator from India, as a one stop platform where people can connect, share their projects, and find the help and resources necessary to continue their journey.

The server encompasses hobbies including:
1) RC model Aircrafts,
2) Rocketry (making DIY model rockets),
3) FPV Drones & UAVs,
4) Boats etc.

This server is a welcoming and respectful community for people interested in DIY, RC & electronics projects, and want to learn and grow together by helping each other. If this sounds interesting to you, come join in!

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