The Gaming Dungeon

Free 24/7 SysBots for all gens, Constant Giveaways, S/V RaidBots, Weekly Cash Prize Tournaments, And Much More!

The Gaming Dungeon

Created: December 17, 2019

Members: 1951

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TGD Is a pokemon based server with the goal of building a pokemon community to battle competitively, raid together, trade together, and more! Come down and have some FREE fun!

– Weekly Cash Prize Tournaments!
– 24/7 Free SysBots (3 Sc/Vi, 3 Sc/Vi Raid Bots, 1 Sw/Sh, 1 Bd/Sp, 1 PLA)
– On-Going Giveaways! (Anything from in-game stuff to cash giveaways!)
– VC For All Things In-Game!
– Competitive Support / Teams / Updates!
– PokéTwo!
– Gym System with rewards!
– Raid bot that allows you to CHOOSE your raids!
– Suggestions from the community to build more!


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