The Last Blockbender

Do you like Avatar & Minecraft? Experience the power of bending firsthand! The Last BlockBender is for you!

The Last Blockbender

Created: January 22, 2019

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Do you like Avatar and wish you experience the power of bending firsthand? Well then, The Last BlockBender is the place for you!

On our ATLA/LoK-themed Minecraft server, you will have the power of bending at your fingertips with no mods needed! All you have to do is log into your official Minecraft account, and add the server using our ip:

We have…

A bending system that allows you to choose between 5 elements and 9 sub-elements with over 200+ moves for exciting and exhilarating battles between you and your friends.

Intricate and show accurate Bending Battles.

Multiple Arenas for engaging, blood-pumping fights with other players!

A Bustling Survival World with custom terrain, dungeons, enchants, food, and more (with bending ofc)! ⛏️

Bending Tournaments for those who love to compete and win prizes!

Events and fairs to play mini-games and get Astonishing Custom Cosmetics and Items!

We use a plugin called ProjectKorra along with various others to bring the excitement of bending straight to our players.

Our community is very open and LGBTQIA+ Friendly.

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