The Pack – Dayz

The Pack DayZChernarus-50 Slot-XboxRP/PVP 3+Years

The Pack - Dayz

Created: August 09, 2019

Members: 1903

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Here at The Pack, we offer a unique DayZ community where our members come first. Respect is our No. 1 value. We aim to keep DayZ fun and an escape with simple common sense rules.

We proudly offer:
-Chernarus’s FIRST legit underground bunker.
-District Wars
-So many original, custom, & unique locations.
-Police, Bounty Hunters, & Drug Runners.
-NO meta base radar ping BS.
-Build anywhere enabled.
-Unlimited stamina but not sprint.
-Marked territories and RP/PVP zones.
-Events and purges alternate every Saturday.
-Use in-game currency to buy custom objects/buildings.
-Structure damage turned off except during purge.

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