The Tavern

Exciting Community Environment Dedicated to Playing Card Games, Making Friends, and Creating Opportunities for Everyone!

The Tavern

Created: April 10, 2019

Members: 1731

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The Tavern is a gathering hub for card games and gamers! A place for people to come together over their favorite games and discover new friends and opportunities!

Who would enjoy this community?
– Players
– Collectors
– Card Art Enthusiasts
– Content Creators
– Community Builders
– LGS Owners/Managers
– Tournament Organizers
– Game Devs/Owners

What Games do we play here?
– Flesh and Blood
– Magic The Gathering
– Keyforge
– Grand Archive
– One Piece
– Kryptik
– Genesis Battle Of Champions
– Force Of Will
– Argent Saga

What is there to do here?
– Play pickup games. LFG!
– Play in events/tournaments
– Marketplace activities
– Enjoy content
– Make new friends
– Networking
– Chat about your favorite card games!

We have a lot going on here, and we would love you to come join us!

The Tavern Brawlers are a multi-game community building team! We seek to provide the best possible card-gaming experience and value for your and your friends! We host this positive and friendly environment where people can feel safe and comfortable and included!

We hope to see you there!
~ Tavern Brawlers

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