The Unknowns

A server for chilling, and hanging out.Any topic is allowed and discussed here, but the main one is anime.

The Unknowns

Created: August 26, 2022

Members: 1353

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This server is all about hanging out and having friendly discussions with other server members, but if offers a wide variety of purposes.
– Editing resources
– Active community
– Active voice chats
– Multi usage bots
– Engaging leveling system
– Careful moderation
– Meticulous formatting
– Events
– Updates on various different topics
– Forum channels for discussions
– Lots of partners
– Flexible but fitting rules
– Fun and enjoyable enviroment
– Easy navigation
– Polls
– Non toxic debates about various different topics
– Twixtors
– Fun channels
– Pfp channels
– Manga pannels
– Scales
– Toxic-free chats.
– Giveaways
– And more

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