A friendly and welcoming community driven to help new players and offer our own sherpa team!


Created: September 17, 2019

Members: 4605

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One of the best discord community for Tarkov. The Maniacs is partnered with discord, which means no NSFW content would be allowed in our server. We make sure that every player have a safe environment to play and find teammates, whatever your skill range.

Our server is offering a free sherpa service. Sherpas are experienced players who are helping newer players learning the ropes of Tarkov.

Weekly and monthly giveaway – Our server is all about supporting and helping newer players ! Thats why we’re offering free loadouts every Sunday and a FREE edge of darkness edition upgrade every month.

If you encounter any problem, feel free to open a ticket or DM me, ManiacFR, the owner of the server.

I’ve been running this server for over 2 years now, with the help of admins. moderator and sherpas. If you’d like to be part of the team, be active in our server and fill up a staff application.

If you would like to support me. I do stream live on twitch as a part time streamer, 4-5 times a week, to help newer players. I’m always down to share my knowledge, with over 5000 hours gameplay and played for 7 wipes.

Looking forward to meet you and get to know you better ! Now let’s get some raids and clap some cheeks!!

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