Theme Park Legends

A TPT2 server with a TPT Guide, build battles and giveaways which is suitable for many builders and coaster enthusiasts!

Theme Park Legends

Created: September 16, 2020

Members: 1632

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TPT 2 is a game where you can build a theme park on Roblox, this is exactly what we are trying to do in TPL is help the community grow and develop! In TPL we have support and help that can be tailored to support your TPT 2 journey such as the Guide!

We have many events in TPL such as our monthly competitions such as the build battle seasons and Legend of the month where we vote on who deserves it. We also do points events where people need to get as many points as possible to win a prize at the end of the event. During these events, the server is customise to fin the theme of the event and bring colour to the server, meaning nothing is ever truly the same, so it can never get boring!

We have a TPT 2 guide which focuses on different aspects of TPT 2 with very helpful information like ride costs, how to build things and more. We also support helping each other with our collaboration scheme where we support builders to help other people, expanding the generosity of the TPT community!

There are a lot more things to do in TPL, but I’ll leave that to you to discover, your adventure awaits!

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