Top War – Server 2287

We are Top War Server 2287, come join us, we're accepting transfers! Or just come check us out...

Top War - Server 2287

Created: November 29, 2022

Members: 1043

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☢️ Tired of jumping from server to server looking for a permanent home? Tired of inadequate leadership ruining the server? Tired of day to day drama? Tired of feeling like you’ve wasted money and time on this game? Well come to 2287 and make all those negative feelings go away ☢️

2287 is the place you want to be. Don’t believe us? Join our discord and see for yourself, or better yet make an alt account and come pay us a visit.

Space is filling up FAST!!!

⚔️ Extremely organized and competitive.
One Server One Mind
Council Leadership Governing all facets and members of the server.
️ 0 Tolerance on Drama
Multicultural server
Raffle events 2 times a month. Win gift cards, 1 day Pop Star, Custom Top War Merch, Capital Gifts, and more..
2️⃣ Active alliances 1️⃣ Training alliance
♻️ Capital and Silos rotation with Alliance Open door Policy.
95% Win rate for Titan Canyon and SvS
✅ 2023 EL Champions
200+ Successful Transfers.
☢️ 300+ Active Members.

Bored during the week with nothing to do? Join our discord, hangout, and play some mini games with us.

If you would like more information please contact :
@Ahmed Sh

You can also visit our website : . Check out all the Testimonials.

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