Trials of Fantasy

A Final Fantasy XIV community dedicated to helping New Players, with a focus on the FFXIV Free Trial.

Trials of Fantasy

Created: February 14, 2021

Members: 3374

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Trials of Fantasy is a community dedicated to the FFXIV Free Trial and New Players. Veterans are welcome too! We provide useful tips and assistance for all of our sprouts, while giving players a place to connect and socialize. We have members across all of the Data Centers, with a CWLS on each of them. We also have a website full of guides, checklists and other helpful information. uD83DuDC97 nn-nAdditional Info:nn- All Servers Welcome ~ Data Center Roles to choosen- Cross-World Linkshells to join (In-game chat groups!)n- Kupo Bot for FFXIV integrationn- Tatsu for fun activities and levelsn- Tons of cool emojis and stickers to use!n- LGBT+ friendly and supportiven- Willing to partner with other servers! (200+ members)nn-nWebsite Link:n

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