-= Trimark =-

This server is for Eve:Echoes players new & old who wish to be a part of a community that revolves around mutual respect

-= Trimark =-

Created: September 11, 2019

Members: 1137

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We are an independent, international alliance on the lookout for talented Eve Echoes players, and newer players alike. We are dedicated to further solidifying our hold in null-sec while offering a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Tri-Mark: Heavy Industries was formed by @[TM] Spool and @[TM] Sambridg during the early alpha phase of the of Eve Echoes in 2019. Trimark is both the name of the alliance (Trimark Alliance), and two of the corporations that exist within that alliance (Trimark Heavy Industries and Trimark Siege Industries). TMHI is the executor of the alliance.

Since the formal launch of Eve: Echoes, Trimark has operated in Northern Querious. While we are an industry powerhouse in the game, we live in the danger of Nul-Sec, meaning we are no stranger to PvP action.

We operate a variety of programs:
Player vs player action. Including our very own bounty system!
Ship replacement program.
Material buy-back programs.
A diverse set of corps and players from around the world.
Alliance run PvE sites
Non-toxic community, friendly community.
FC instructor program, learn to fly with and run fleets of all sizes!
And much more! Apply today!

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