TrueFi DAO

TrueFi is DeFi's leading capital market for crypto-native & real world credit, directed by TRU holders in this community

TrueFi DAO

Created: October 22, 2020

Members: 17978

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Join the TrueFi DAO Discord to guide the future of global lending. TrueFi is the protocol for on-chain credit, originating almost $2 billion in loans with a perfect record of repayments, since making the first unsecured loan in DeFi in November 2020.

Today, TrueFi is guided by its community of TRU token holders from here in Discord, as well as on our forums and Snapshot. Our goal is simple: to modernize financial infrastructure, making global lending more accessible, equitable, transparent and effective.

We hope you’ll join us to make it a reality.

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