Trusted Seas – Barotrauma/Stalcraft

Welcome to Trusted Seas, the most active, transparent, and well-moderated community Barotrauma has to offer.

Trusted Seas - Barotrauma/Stalcraft

Created: May 23, 2022

Members: 3664

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Trusted Seas is a welcoming and open community, dedicated to 100% of the Barotrauma playerbase, new or old and all between. We run public servers and events in multiple time zones, serious, modded, vanilla, PvP… you name it, we’ve got options. We also pride ourselves on being polite, transparent, and focused first and foremost on keeping the existing Barotrauma community open and well-moderated, whilst helping newer players to learn the game.

The staff at Trusted Seas care strongly about the English Barotrauma community, which is why we have partnered with many of its largest servers, of particular note are the Europan Contractor Corps, the Europa Expeditionary Force, Galilean Servers, Audacious Expeditions, Barotraumatic Official, SCP Revival, Functional Necrosis, and Neurotrauma. Due to our partnerships, we are, without a doubt, the most actively hosting English-speaking community, having run 30 fully-completed campaigns within the last 90 days, usually featuring the creators of the mods we run. Despite our size, however, we pay attention to our individual members, and we believe our players come first – particularly the newest members of the Barotrauma community.

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