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Become part of an elite special forces unit and use real-world CQB (Close Quarters Battles) tactics to clear rooms, breach doors, and defeat the enemy threat.


• Utilize an arsenal of weapons, scopes, sight attachments, explosives and equipment.

• Take note of simulated wind and target distance with the wind meter and spotter scope. Calculate physics-based bullet drop and time-to-hit to improve your accuracy.

• Use stealth to sneak up behind enemies with a silent knife kill. Or go head-to-head against enemies that will take cover and attempt to flank your position.

• Randomized Enemy positions and doors, making each play-through an unknown challenge.

• Non-linear maps give players an endless variety in how they choose to infiltrate and complete missions. Enter buildings through doors, climb ladders to reach rooftops, or climb through windows. The choice is yours.

Tactical Assault VR is currently an Early Access release and is updated regularly.

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