UK Politics

The epicentre of politics, in the United Kingdom, on Discord.

UK Politics

Created: August 07, 2020

Members: 2050

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UK Politics is the epicentre of politics in the United Kingdom, on Discord. We encourage political debates and have several channels to facilitate for this.

Whether you want to discuss the cost of living crisis, Brexit, government scandals, the upcoming general election or just want to have a general discussion with fellow political enthusiasts, UK Politics is the place for you.

With over 100 roles for political orientations and beliefs, the server is tailored for everybody, no matter your ideology. In addition to our many roles, we also have many political channels specifically made for discussions regarding education, military, media, finance, foreign affairs, justice, social issues, the environment and much more!

We are the biggest UK Politics server on the platform, hosting entire server debates often on controversial topics which you can participate in, with or without a microphone. Our channels allow people to debate in voice chat, while others follow along and raise points in text channels!

Our staff team is friendly, effective and motivated to keep our server a safe space. We understand that politics is controversial, so we invest time and expertise into making the server a safe place to express your views – no matter what they are.

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