Unrestricted Lorefare

We create engaging settings for creativity to thrive. Bringing a Faction Game, TTRPGs, and World Building together.

Unrestricted Lorefare

Created: April 14, 2018

Members: 1088

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Unrestricted Lorefare is a world-building community along side a Faction game. The former currently produces Beacon Space our akin to Hard Sci-Fi setting. You can learn more at https://beaconspace.unrestrictedlorefare.com For the latter the Faction Game is a community adaptation of the Faction Turn from Stars without Number, a Sci-Fi Table Top RPG authored by Kevin Crawford. Members of our server can join a Faction (thanks to our own Passport bot!) and participate in outlining a Faction’s actions during normally monthly turns. The turns and other associated content is steamed on twitch for those to enjoy.

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