Unstable Battle Creatures

The Unstable Battle Creatures NFT collection is a series of unique digital collectables created by the UBC team.

Unstable Battle Creatures

Created: February 06, 2023

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Unstable Battle Creatures is a new NFT project that aims to create a new digital asset ownership era by creating advanced creatures and animals generated using AI. These creatures will be expressed through NFTs minted on the Polygon blockchain and characterized as ERC-721 tokens. This white paper outlines the characteristics and unique features of Unstable Battle Creatures, which will be released in 10 generations with a total of 1111 NFTs and unique characters in each generation.

Use cases:
Unstable Battle Creatures have a wide range of potential use cases, from collecting and trading to gaming and digital asset ownership. Gamers can use these creatures in gaming applications, with each creature having its characteristic traits that can be used to gain an advantage in gameplay. Collectors can own and trade these unique creatures, with each NFT expressing its identity and rarity. Furthermore, the advanced functionality of Unstable Battle Creatures makes them ideal for use in digital asset ownership applications, such as virtual worlds and metaverses.

Team and partnerships:
The Unstable Battle Creatures team comprises experienced employees who have created the mobile game Snake Vs Colors (Crazy Labs). The project is also working to build partnerships with leading companies in the Polygon blockchain and gaming industries, which will help ensure Unstable Battle Creatures’ success.

The Unstable Battle Creatures project will be released in 10 generations, each comprising unique characters. Generation 1 and 2 has already been released. The project will also have a staking system that rewards holders of Unstable Battle Creatures with additional tokens and benefits, which will be part of Tokenomics.

UBC is a new NFT project that brings a new era of digital asset ownership by creating advanced creatures and animals. With 10 generations of NFTs and unique characters in each generation, Unstable Battle Creatures offers collectors and gamers a unique and valuable asset that is sure to be a hit in the NFT market. With the backing of a talented team in the finance and gaming industries, Unstable Battle Creatures is set to be a significant player in the NFT space.

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