A stunning INJ2M game server made for everyone.


Created: September 17, 2021

Members: 3010

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**The Fabulous Injustice 2 mobile discord server designed with everything we might need along our injustice journey.**

• TX Jumps: For faster development of your rosters, there are TX jumps conducted every weekend. Here we do 6 raids in 2 days. Each raid spans from 30 to 45 minutes.

• Guides: Detailed solo raid guides, 7-Star Builds, 24/7 Raid Coaches, and many more resources available within arm’s reach.

• Starboard: Did you just break your personal best in league raids? Let’s get your damage on starboard.

• League Raids: More than 10 leagues available with different raid times and tiers to best cater to your needs.

*Join now and enjoy your Injustice 2 mobile journey with us.*

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