Voldex Roblox QA

The QA Team for all of Voldex's Games. Hangout, chill or become a Tester, this is a great place to expand your skills!

Voldex Roblox QA

Created: January 25, 2022

Members: 6706

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The QA Team for all of Voldex’s Games. Inside this discord we all come together to test updates before they come out, give feedback on the games we play and support each other in the things we do.

This server allows you to learn and develop your QA skills and be a part of something amazing, we’re focused on making high quality experiences and that’s not possible without a community like this.

We also offer a community area for people who aren’t involved with testing. You can find game nights, chat channels, meme channels, pet channels and more here. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of the people around you.

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