Welcome to Voxcord! A Community Server based on both Helluva Boss and of course, Hazbin Hotel!~


Created: April 03, 2022

Members: 1853

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✨ Ⓥⓞⓧⓒⓞⓡⓓ ✨

Greetings Saints & Sinners!~ I am currently here to advertise my new product, Voxcord!~ A Discord server that is purely based on the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss fandoms. Have you ever wanted to join a community that has all arms open for all types of people? Well Vox certainly has and he made exactly that!~

Joining Voxcord you will be introduced to our infamous Cult Chats, Level Roles, and of course our chaotic community! Though be able to take a joke or two as our community and the whole community as a whole are quite the jokesters. If you have any problem with any member of ours we will love to help you if you ping one of our many open to discuss moderators. Or even for in-depth situations we would like you to DM (Direct-Message) Modmail. They should be on the top of our role list.

Anyway that basically concludes our server. Join if you want to!~

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