W3:Ride | The next-generation cycling app

W3:Ride is a global community of cyclists of all ages, genders and skill sets, from casual to competition.

W3:Ride | The next-generation cycling app

Created: October 03, 2021

Members: 3757

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W3:Ride allows you to connect, earn and express your love of cycling and unlock new ways to be rewarded for leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

No matter if you are the urban commuter, the pro road biker, or the casual weekend ebike cruiser, with W3:Ride you receive coins for your rides, which you can use for great utilities and real life rewards.

W3:Ride is one of the first blockchain NFT-powered, mobile fitness apps. Your virtual W3:Ride bike is your key to this world, enabling all of your day to day cycling activity to connect to a larger global community in discord and our other socials.

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