WASD is an FGC-focused community that plays and hosts tournaments for a variety of fighting games.


Created: January 23, 2020

Members: 2514

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WASD is a server that primarily focuses on hosting fighting game tournaments.

We currently run four (4) weekly online fighting game brackets for Melty Blood: Type Lumina, Granblue Fantasy Versus, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and Under Night In-Birth.

Additionally, we host weekly beginner lobbies for Under Night and a beginner tournament series for Granblue Fantasy.

Regarding offline events, we host a monthly in NYC that usually has brackets for GBVS, UNICLR, GGST, MBTL, and GGXRD as well as a three day yearly regional hosting a variety of games with massive prize pools.

We’re a constantly growing community with a lot of active members making it easy to find opponents for most fighting games and TCGs. There’s also almost always someone around to just chat about anime, manga, etc.

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