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This is the Discord server of the conceptual theatrical metal band, Plagues, lead by the enigmatic, Xy'lothra.

Created: January 28, 2021

Members: 6710

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Welcome to the We Are The Cleansing Community: The Official Discord Community for the Scholars of Light who follow Plagues.

Who We Are:
We are the sacred gathering space for all fans and followers of the UK-based theatrical metal band, Plagues, led by the enigmatic Xy’lothra. Immerse yourself in the mystical lyrics, heart-pounding rhythms, and transformative performances that define this remarkable group.

Scholars of Light:
As Scholars of Light, we stand united under the ethereal banner of Plagues. Our community is rooted in the principles of empathy, compassion, kindness, support, and unity.

All are welcome to join our congregation, irrespective of creed, colour, race, religious beliefs, world view, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Our haven is your haven.

What You Can Expect:

Plagues Media: Latest songs, albums, and exclusive previews.
Events: Concert updates, meet-ups, and online viewing parties.
Discussions: Deep dives into lyrics, performances, and band lore. Fan Creations: Share your Plagues-inspired art, poetry, and more.
❤️ Support Channels: A safe space to talk and find emotional support.
Community Activities: Quizzes, games, and engaging challenges.

Rules & Guidelines:
This server operates on the principles of kindness and respect. Negativity, harassment, or hate speech will not be tolerated. Full guidelines will be available upon joining.

⚡ Join us and be part of something extraordinary. Illuminate your world with the immersive experience that is Plagues. ⚡

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