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SWGOH WookieeTools, including WookieeBot, GAC Manager, and the ROTE TB Guide

WookieeTools Development

Created: January 24, 2019

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We create tools that simplify the lives of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players and provide novel insights into all aspects of the game.

With WookieeBot, you can receive tailored raid team recommendations, generate reports for yourself and your guild across a variety of metrics, automatically generate TW defensive plans, manage your TW offense in a dashboard format, and much more!

With the GAC Manager, you can get robust information about your opponents and tailor the display to exactly the units and stats you are most interested in. Our risk score is a calculation of the challenge that your opponent is likely to present you.

Join our community to provide feedback, get help, recommend new features, report bugs, and stay on top of new developments!

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