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World History

Created: March 23, 2019

Members: 17367

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World History is a discord server for people who live and breathe history.

The categories and channels move progressively along a timeline from emergence of early humans to the present day encouraging users to analyze historical events and develop a grasp of the chronology of human development. Moreover we are big friends of the circle culture and respectful communication to strengthen our community. Find, analyze, share, discuss, critique and improve your knowledge in this unique and friendly environment.

Polls and Fruitful Debates on various history related topics with daily updates .
Over 200 personalisation roles including Empires and States, Subjects of Interests, Political Ideologies, Time Periods, Religions and Philosophies in order to help express yourself.
️ A levelling system with unique rewards and roles.
⁉️ Memes, Trivia and Quizzes to test your historical knowledge and get exclusive roles.
Daily updates on History Articles including:

Civilizations and States
Kings and Queens
Military and Warfare
Culture and Arts
️Philosophy and Religion
Traditions and Folklore
Maps and Heraldry
Historic Photos

And much more for everyone!

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