World Warriors United

This is an all-things Street Fighter Server dedicated to the fans of the series and to the fighting game community!

Created: March 31, 2022

Members: 2160

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Welcome to the World Warrior United Discord server! A place for World Warriors alike to come together and celebrate, discuss, and play Street Fighter 6 and older legacy games together in a welcoming, comfortable environment!

We’re extremely happy you’ve even stopped by to check us out, whether it may be before launch, or years beyond, and hope you enjoy your time here, no matter how long it may be. The goal of this server is to foster a community for, as I mentioned, those interested in Street Fighter 6, and be a home for fans new and old to enjoy the newest entry of this legendary series, no matter if you’ve been here since the 80’s, or this is your first experience with Street Fighter, or fighting games as a whole.

This server is created as well as run as passionate fighting game and Street Fighter fans just like you, and it’s our goal to come off as such, as we strongly encourage active communication with staff, suggestions, etc. in other to make this the best experience possible.

Hospitality and kindness are our top priority here, as we’re all World Warriors in our own way, and wish to make this a fun, lively experience, and have tried to make our rules as understandable and lenient as possible, and specifically laid them out to be rules the staff themselves would understand and have no problem following, because we felt that it wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

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