Hello, this is Wormhole3, A Decentralized Curation Platform.


Created: August 08, 2022

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Adecentralized curation marketplace is a model that allows teams to collaborate more effectively and profit from the value they create together around a common goal. In the first article, we introduced that Wormhole3 allows every topic/content/meme/idea/goal of the Internet to be easily synced to the chain and have its own Web3 media channel (distinguished by hashtags).

Furthermore, we believe that each topic/content/meme/idea/goal can have an associated token that curates the information within it.

Using smart contracts, any Web3 project party/DAO/community can mint valuable tokens according to agreed rules without a centralized third party. In other words, the value accumulation of tokens is permissionless, and any particular entity does not control the value creation process of tokens.

It is a new organizational model and way of allowing people to collaborate around a common goal without constraints.

Essentially, we allow the creation of global, token-based “memes”. We will be able to mint tokens for content, sub-reddits, hashtags, crowds, memes, and new organizations.

Twitter NFT
Twitter has a large number of identity and social data, and Twitter NFT is Wormhole3’s first step in building a reputation for Twitter users in the Web3 world.

Wormhole3 analyzes the user’s Twitter account activity by using a machine learning algorithm, and then calculates a score, which is weighted with the user’s following number to become the attribute value of Twitter NFT.

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